New FCS Bridge

We’ve had four outages over a day long each in four weeks on the DARC Room Bridge FCS 004-29. It appears to be the guy running the FCS 004 has computers failing or he’s not keeping up with restarts and or computer upkeep to keep it running like it should.

We have moved the DARC Room Bridge off the FCS 004-29 to the new FCS 001-55 that Shannon has been running for several months now without issues. The DARC Room 40012 will continue as before with it’s NØBJN-L Echolink 925804. Only the NØBJN-BRDG has moved to FCS 001-55. Please forward this info to the DARC Membership & post it to the DARC Website.

Thank You,

Rick Houle NØBJN
Little Falls